The Veterans section of the Club play on Thursdays.    WINTER (effective from 5 April 2018):  Gather at 9am for Tee off time of 9.30 a.m. 
It is a 4 Tee start and we have a very enjoyable prizegiving at approximately 2pm.
The Veterans’ Convenor is Ray Knaggs assisted by Drew MacDonald. Reporter: Eric Odlham.


Results from 19 April 2018

46pts   M Fielding   38pts  K Parry  B Fennell  J Laing   37pts  L Stringer  E Oldham  W Laing  T Thomson

36pts  G Swney  K Semmens  J Petry  J Stirling  O Candy   35pts  D Millar  34pts  G Hurley  A McDonald  C Griffiths

33pts  ( By lot)  J King  D Cleary  K Jones  G Cave  J Sharland

Hidden Holes  Twos  Nearest Pin – All won by M Fielding

Moro Bar J Haisman

Results from 12 April 2018

49pts  L Stringer   43pts  J Dawson  R Peterson   41pts  K Semmens  S Taylor   40pts  Mathew Fielding   39pts  E Oldham  38pts  L Baker

37pts  R Watts  N McMillan   G Larsen  Murray Fielding   36pts  T Thomson  B Sexton  B Southcombe  O Candy  A Griffin

Hidden Holes:  S Taylor       Two’s:  J Dawson  K Semmens  L Baker

Moro Bar:  F Carney

Results from 5 April 2018

44pts  Murray Fielding;  43pts  R Barlow; 41pts  H Sherson  G Hurley; 40pts  M McClunie  Mathew Fielding  G Swney

39pts  A Griffin  O Candy  J Stinson  A Hansen; 38pts  N McMillan  L Baker  P Masterson  R Peterson

37pts  A McDonald  E Oldham  J Purcell  R Watts

Twos: Murray Fielding     Hidden Holes: K Semmens   Nearest Pin: T Pentecost    Moro Bar: G Watson

Results from 22 March 2018

43pts  R Barlow    42pts  R Knaggs  N McMillan   41pts  M McClunie    40pts  J Laing  J Stirling   38pts  C Gordon

37pts  D Walters  N Hodges   36pts  K Smith  35pts  B Southcombe  B Churstain  D Cleary  O Candy

34pts  L Stringer  K Semmens  S Taylor  T Aislabie  33pts  S Noble  32pts J Sharland  D Silvester

Net Birdies  B Southcombe    Twos  M McClunie  J Sharland  N McMillan

Nearest Pin J Stinson   Moro Bar  W Laing

Results from 15 March 2018

44pts  T Thomson   41pts  K Parry   40pts  T Johnston  A Lingard   39pts  E Oldham

38pts  D Judge  B Sexton  J Laing  J Dawson

37pts  J Purcell  A Hansen  A McDonald  M McClunie  L Baker

36pts  M Gilbert  B Stevens  35 pts by lot  R Chandler  R Peterson  T Warner

Two’s:   A Hansen  N Hodges  A Lingard  T Johnston  J Purcell  D Trotter

Nearest Pin:  A Griffin

Moro Bar:  F Carney

Results from 8 March 2018

45pts: R Peterson

44pts: J Sharland

42pts: R Barlow

40pts: L Baker  P Kennedy  N Hodges

39pts: K Jones  D Cleary

38pts: B Stevens  B Sexton  T Louisson  B Southcombe  E Oldham

37pts: J Laing

36pts: G Hurley  W Laing  A Griffin  S Taylor

35pts: G Swney  J King

Hidden Holes:  R Barlow    Nearest Pin:  K Parry   Two’s:  W Laing  G Hurley  N Hodges  K Jones

Moro Bar: F Carney

Results from vets for 1/3/18

Winner of Brian Greenville Memorial with 45pts L Stringer

44pts: N McMillan

43pts: B Sexton; E Oldham

41pts: B Southcombe

39pts: M Gilbert, H Kivits  38pts; K Semmens

37pts: R Knaggs, G Watson, D Judge, A Cantley

36pts:  A Griffin, R Peterson, D Cleary, O Candy, H Sherson, M Fairhall

2’s  B Sexton had 3; K Jones had 2; K Semmens had 2;  One each N McMillan, D Walters, N Hodges

Hidden Holes: E Oldham      Nearest Pin: L Stringer   Moro Bar: F Carney