The Veterans section of the Club play on Thursdays.    WINTER & SUMMER:  Gather at 9am for Tee off time of 9.30 a.m. 
It is a 4 Tee start and we have a very enjoyable prizegiving at approximately 2pm.
The Veterans’ Convenor is Ray Knaggs assisted by Drew MacDonald. Reporter Eric Odlham.


Thursday 16th November

45pts G Cave
41pts A McDonald  D Trotter  J King  A Griffin  H Sherson
40pts  N Hodges  P Kennedy
39pts  B Johns  J Stinson  M McClunie
38pts L Baker  S Taylor  B Sexton  B Stevens
Hidden Holes T Pentecost
Nearest Pin  D Silvester
2/s  L Baker  N Hodges  H Kivitts
Moro Bar  N McMillan

Thursday 9th November (Brilliantly fine day bought out a great number, greens almost recovered from corring – but no twos !!     What is the excuse?)
Very successful day for Neville Hodges though – well done. 

 44pts N Hodges   
40pts B Southcombe  D Trotter   
39pts D Millar 
38pts R Watts  C Gordon  G Swney  H Sherson  G Cave
37pts  D Judge  
36pts  A McDonald 
35pts  L Baker  R Knaggs  J Sharland  J Stinson  J King
Hidden Holes  N Hodges     
Nearest Pin J Stinson     
Moro Bar  J Haisman       
No 2,s    !!!!

Thursday 2nd November (Fine day bought out a good number of players)

43pts  D Trotter  D Walters  
41pts K Parry  
40pts  P Kennedy 
39pts J Stinson G Cave 
38pts  D Judge  W Laing N McMillan L Keat  
37ptsR Watts  K Smith 
36pts A McDonald  R Knaggs
35pts  A Griffin B Johns C Griffiths
Hidden Holes G Cave   
Nearest Pin W Laing
Twos  D Trotter N McMillan
Moro Bar  S McKenzie


Thursday 26th October  (Early rain didn’t deter a good number turning up,  and again some incredible scores on very challenging greens)

46pts   G Cave  A McDonald
43pts G Swney  M McClunie  J Laing
40pts W Laing
39pts  P Kennedy B Johns
38pts J King
37pts  A Griffin  B Stevens
36pts J Purcell  H Sherson  K Parry
Nearest Pin  R Watts
Twos J Laing  J Purcell 
Most Nett Birdies  A McDonald 10
Moro Bar D Silvester

Thursday 19th October (Very challenging greens – still recovering from coring – but didn’t stop six players scoring 42 to 46 points !!!!)

46pts  R Watts   
45pts M McClunie     
43pts  N Hodges K Jones  B Johns 
42pts   J Stinson 
39pts   D Trotter 
37pts P Clarke 
36pts  G Swney    
35pts B Southcombe  P Kennedy  D Judge  K Semmens     
34pts R Knaggs  B Churstain  L Stringer 
Hidden Holes N Hodges
Nearest Pin  K Parry
Twos  K Jones RWatts
Moro Bar  D Walters

Thursday 5th October   (Fine weather, and had a group of 30 ladies & men from Otumoetai, Tauranga,  on their ‘mystery bus trip’)

39pts G Swney
38pts  C Griffiths K Smith
37pts B Kennedy  M McClunie  P Dick
36pts R Knaggs

35pts  H Sherson  R Bygrave  D Silvester  Murray Fielding  A Hansen  S Mathews
34pts  L Stringer  A Butler  A McDonald
33pts  B Johns  R Dick  M OConnor  G Cave  C Gordon
32pts B Stevens
Hidden Holes  Murray Fielding      Nearest Pin Mathew Fielding     Twos  B Kennedy     Moro Bar  J Mestrom

37pts   K Semmens
35pts  S Hodder
34pts  L Whitehead  J Trusler
33pts  H Robertson
32pts  N Ngatai  H Clark  D Dawson  S Mestrom  E Bygrave
Hidden Holes  D Dawson     Nearest Pin  N Ngatai     Moro Bar  D Shea


Hi just sending you all a big thank you for having us all from Otumoetai Golf Club.  We got back safely, all very tired some said it was the hills!!!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, the course and the food.
Someday you might like to come visit us ,we would love to have you, but it would have to be early in the season or later November as our course
is very wet underfoot and we would not want you playing in those conditions, it seams to have rained and rained this year and not given the course  a chance to dry out.
However thank you again 
Kind regards             Joan  Kennedy  ladies club captain 


Thursday 28th September   (Better weather forecasted and delivered)

62 L Stringer     
65 R Watts Murray  Fielding    
66 H Kivitts  B Southcombe  G Cave    
67 R Barlow  Mathew Fielding
68 C Griffiths    
69 G Hurley  P Kennedy  J King   
70 N Hodges  K Smith J Stinson
Hidden Holes Murray Fielding
Twos M McClunie  Mathew Fielding  N Hodges G Cave
Nearest pin Mathew Fielding
Moro Bar J Stirling


Thursday 21st September   (You guessed it!  –  sodden course, heavy showers and only a few brave souls)

41pts J Purcell
39pts  R Watts
37pts K Semmens
35pts P Kennedy
34pts R Knaggs
33pts W Laing  M McClunie T Thomson
Nearest Pin     W Laing
Hidden Holes J Purcell
Twos  W Laing
Moro Bar B Southcombe

Thursday 14th September   (That weather, sodden course and no carts allowed caused lowest turnout for the year)

40 pts M McClunie
38 pts M Stafford
36 pts J King  R Barlow
35 pts by lot K Jones G Cave
Nearest Pin  M McClunie
Hidden Holes  M McClunie
Moro Bar A Griffin


Thursday 7th September   (Same old thing    –  sodden course, heavy showers and only a few brave souls)

38 pts  B Johns  R Knaggs
37  pts  A Griffin
35 pts  M McClunie
 34 pts D Silvester
32 pts K Jones  J Purcell
31 pts P Clarke
Hidden holes P Clarke
Nearest Pin  J Purcell
Twos  R Knaggs
Moro Bar  J Stirling


Thursday 31st August (Yes, you quest it  –   showers threatening throughout the day. But few eventuated.)  A nett competition.

Nett 61 D Silvester      
Nett 63 K Jones      
Nett 65 T Louisson  
Nett 67 W Laing  
Nett 68 B Johns  P Kennedy
Nett 69 R Watts   
Nett 70 S Ahmad    
Nett 72  A Griffin   
Nett  73  K Semmens  N Hodges  R Knaggs
Twos  D Silvester  R Watts             
Hidden Holes  D Silvester     
Nearest Pin  J King     
Moro Bar  P Clarke

Thursday 24th August  (Great weather and a big field, but putting a big challenge  –  no twos !!)

41 pts K Smith
40 pts M O’Connor  R Barlow
39 pts J Petry  N Hodges
38 pts M Stafford  K Semmens  M Fielding
36 pts W Laing  A Griffin  M McClunie  D Silvester
35 pts E Van Lierop  J Laing R Watts C Griffiths
34 pts S Taylor  P Kennedy  K Jones
33pts by Lot H Sherson
Hidden Holes K Smith
Nearest Pin  K Semmens
Moro Bar  T Warner                    


Thursday 17th August (Forecast showers never eventuated till late in the day, so another very good field of players turned out)

42pts  L Stringer  P Kennedy
41 pts  H Kivitts
40 pts  E Van Lierop
39 pts  A McDonald
38 pts R Knaggs  W Laing
37 pts  L Keat  A Hansen  A Griffin
36pts  M Fielding
35 pts  J Purcell
34pts  K Smith  J Laing  J Petry
33pts  K Jones  T Pentecost  K  Semmens
Nett Birdies  L Stringer
Twos  K Semmens  M Fielding  E Van Lierop
Nearest Pin K Smith
Moro Bar B Stevens

Thursday 10th August  (Threatened heavy showers & hail  deterred many, but  didn’t eventuate really.)

62 nett J Purcell
64 nett L Stringer    –  Merv Lingard Cup Winner
65 nett  H Sherson
66 nett R Barlow  M Fielding  K Jones  A Hansen  R Knaggs   M McClunie
67 nett A Griffin  S Ahmad
Hidden Holes R Knaggs
Twos K Jones  M Fielding
No nearest pin winner
Moro Bar B Johns

Thursday 3rd August   (a beaut fine day brought out a a very good field of 43 starters.  New member Lance Stringer certainly excelled !)

43pts L Stringer
38pts H Sherson
37pts D Silvester A Hansen
36pts G Hurley  T Pentecost  J King  S Ahmad  K Jones
35pts H Kivits  B Southcombe  B Sexton
34pts A Griffin  P Kennedy  R Knaggs 
33pts K Smith  L Baker  R Watts  T Thomson  B Stevens  J Dawson
Hidden Holes L Stringer
Twos  K Jones G Hurley
Nearest Pin K Jones
Moro Bar D Trotter


Thursday 27th July (forecasted showers & later rain didn’t eventuate or deter a good field of starters  But getting on the chosen green – no: 1 – was a challenge !.)

64 nett  L Stringer
67 nett R Knaggs
68 nett M McClunie
69 nett J Dawson
70 nett K Jones
71 nett O Candy  D Cleary  R Watts
72 nett P Kennedy  B Southcombe  A McDonald
73 nett by lot  S Ahmad  D Silvester  B Johns  B Chustain  P Clarke
Hidden Holes  L Stringer
No Twos     No nearest pin nobody got on the green
 Moro Bar G Swney


Thursday 20th July   (fine weather brought out good numbers and some great scoring. Convenor Ray leading the way !)

42 pts R Knaggs
39 pts D Cleary
38pts  P Clarke
37pts  D Silvester  A Cantley  S Ahmad
36pts  J King  K Jones  A Griffin
35pts  A McDonald  K Smith
34pts  H Kivits P Kennedy
33pts  T Thomson B Sexton  G Hurley
Hidden Holes R Knaggs
 Twos  B Sexton D Cleary
 Nearest Pin D Cleary
 Moro Bar  H Sherson


Thursday 6th July   (forecast heavy showers and sodden course really effected numbers this week)
46pts J Petry
39pts K Smith A Cantley
38pts K Jones R Watts
35pts R Knaggs
34pts S Ahmad

Hidden    Holes J Petry
Nearest Pin    A Cantley
Moro Bar    P Kennedy
No Twos


Thursday 29 June
 70 Nett  B Churstain  J Cleary  K Smith  C Griffiths
71 Nett  D Silvester
72 Nett  S Ahmad  B Johns 
73 Nett  J King  M McClunie
74 Nett  O Candy  K Semmens  A Mc Donald
75 Nett A Griffin  D Cleary
 Twos     S Ahmad  R Watts
Nearest Pin    S Ahmad 
Hidden Holes  C Griffiths
Thursday 15th June 2017
Numbers down today –  probably gone to Fieldays !
39pts C Griffiths  
38pts R Watts 
37pts  R Barlow  B Churstain 
36pts  R Knaggs  G Cave  A McDonald 
35pts  J King  G Hurley
34pts  D Passi  K Jones 
33pts  B Sexton  N Hodges 
32pts  M Gilbert 
31pts By Lot  A Hansen  O Candy  A Griffin
Twos  C Griffiths  G Cave         
Hidden Holes  R Watts   
Nearest Pin  R Knaggs 
Moro bar  (most golf) G Swney
Thursday 8th June 2017
A beautiful fine winters day,  course in great nick certainly brings out the golfers  –  46 starters today!
43pts  C Griffiths
40pts J Purcell
39pts  A Griffin
37pts  C Gordon
36pts  A Hetherington
35pts  L Keat  R Barlow  D Silvester  K Jones
34pts  A Hansen
33pts  J Petry  A Cantley  R Watts  N McMillan  G Cave  J King
32pts  P Kennedy  B Southcombe  J Stinson  G Swney   B Sexton
31pts D Hetherington
 Hidden Holes  A Hetherington
Nearest Pin J Purcell
Twos  J Purcell J Petry  B Sexton
Moro Bar (most golf)  J Haisman

Thursday 1st June 2017

40pts  T Thomson
36pts  A Hansen
35pts  A Griffin  L Baker  R Knaggs  H Sherson  J Petry
34pts  K Jones
33pts  A Cantley  K Smith J Purcell
32pts  G Cave
31pts  M McClunie  R Barlow
30pts  C Griffiths

Nett Birdies  on countback  T Thomson
Twos  K Jones J Purcell
Nearest Pin G Cave
Moro Bar (most golf) G Hurley

Thursday 25th May 2017: (2nd round Don Jenkin Memorial – nett )
 M McClunie  71
J Stinson  C Griffiths  72
P Kennedy  73
K Smith  R Knaggs  K Jones  74
B Southcombe  75
R Barlow  76
R Peterson  77
B Johns  A McDonald  B Churstain  78

 Nearest Pin M McClunie
  Twos   R Knaggs
Hidden Holes  J Stinson
Moro Bar  (most golf) D Walters

2017 Waikato Vets Pennants   –   Played at Morrinsville Tuesday May 16th 2017.

Winning team from Waihi Golf Club –  names from left to right:

T Paris, N Sanderson, A Sarjant, D Gear, M Joyce, K Purcell

An excellent turnout of 85 plus players on the day  –   60 representing the various central Waikato clubs and 25+  Morrinsville players.

Special thanks to the organisers on the day  –  Ray, Drew and Keith.


Thursday 4th May 2017:  (stableford)
44 pts  G Cave
43 pts  K Smith
34 pts  J Petry  B Sexton
33 pts  L Baker
32 pts  K Semmens  G Watson  J King  M McClunie  H Sherson
31 pts  K Jones
30 pts  M Fairhall  B Johns  P Kennedy
Hidden Holes  G Cave
Nearest Pin R Knaggs
Moro Bar  (most golf) G Hurley

 Thursday 27 April 2017   (Ist round Don Jenkin memorial  –  nett)
61 H Kivits 65  B Churstain 66 R Watts 67 K Jones 
68 O Candy  K Smith  M Stafford  J King
69 R Barlow  M Fielding
70 D Walters  T Thomson
71 M O’Connor  B Stevens  M McClunie 
72 D Trotter  B Southcombe
73 R Peterson  B Sexton
Hidden Holes   R Watts Nearest Pin  G Cave   
Twos  R Watts M O,Connor  D Judge   
Moro Bar  (most golf) J Haisman


Thursday 20 April 2017  (1st round of Mick Conroy Trophy)

44 pts M Fielding
43 pts R Barlow
39 pts B Churstain
38 pts B Southcombe  C Griffiths
37 pts J Petry
35 pts L Baker C Gordon K Semmens
34 pts A Griffin
33 pts M McClunie T Thomson R Knaggs
32 pts J King G Hurley J Sharland

Hidden Holes A McDonald
Nearest Pin   B Sexton
Twos   M Fielding  C Griffiths
Moro Bar  (most golf)   J Haisman

Thursday 23rd March 2017
45  pts  G Symon
43  pts R Barlow J Cleary
41  pts  M Fairhall
40  pts A Cantley  R Knaggs
38  pts  J Stinson M McClunie  B Johns
36  pts  G Hurley  L Baker  R Shanley
35  pts  (by lot)  M McDonald  J Petry  O Candy
Twos  J Cleary
Nearest Pin  P Clarke
Net Birdies  G Symon  10
Moro Bar  (most golf)  L Keat

Thursday 16th March 2017
39 pts
M Fairhall
38 pts R Watts  L Baker  W Laing
37 pts O Candy  E Oldham  T Louisson  A Cantley  K Smith
36 pts J Haisman  R Barlow
35 pts M Fielding  M McClunie
34 pts B Stevens  A Griffin  H Nieremeijer
33 pts R Knaggs  A McDonald

Hidden Holes  E Oldham
Nearest Pin  K Smith
 2,s  D Judge  T Louisson   
Moro Bar (most golf)  T Warner

  Thursday 9th March 2017 
38 pts:  D Silvester
37 pts:  G Symon
36 pts:  P Kennedy
35 pts:  J King  B Johns  D Judge
34 pts:  J Petry  R Shanley  O Candy  R Barlow  L Baker
33 pts:  M McClunie  J Haisman Hidden Holes:  G Symon
Nearest the Pin: J King
Twos  K Jones x 2
Moro Bar (most golf): R Knaggs

Thursday 2nd  March 2017     BRIAN GREENVILLE MEMORIAL DAY
42 points:  G Hurley
41 points:  M McClunie H Sherson  O Candy
40 points:  M Fairhall   N McMillan  B Sexton
39 points:  W Laing  K Jones  E Oldham
38 Points:  D Judge  L Baker  J Stinson  G Cave
Hidden Holes:   H Sherson
Nearest Pin:   M McClunie
Twos:  J King  N McMillan  E Oldham
Moro Bar (most golf):  R Knaggs