Course Rules

(Approved Management Committee 27/10/22)


These requirements are centered on giving consideration to other players and keeping the course in good condition. Please read in conjunction with our “Local Rules” and any additional requirements advised by Starter/Office staff on the day of play.


1. Every player must have their own set of clubs. No sharing clubs.
2. Club members please display current financial year’s golf bag tag.
3. Green fee players must be able to produce receipt for round being played when requested. Failure to produce will require player/s to pay green fees or leave the course.
4. Groups to consist of no more than 4 players. Match committee may allow larger groups for some competitions.
5. Replace divots. Repair pitch/ball marks on greens. This helps the damaged area to recover faster.
6. Rake bunkers including entry & exit footprints.
7. Don’t play until the players in front are out of range. Call “fore” on wayward shots.
8. Practice areas. Please use practice fairway and putting green. Exercise caution when other players are on practice fairway. Practice on the course is only allowed when there is no organized competition, other players are not delayed and using not more than 2 balls.
9. Greens staff operating mowers and other machinery have right of way.


10. Only golf shoes or flat soled ordinary shoes are allowed on the course. Work boots, ripple or ribbed sole shoes are not permitted. Shoes worn on the course are not allowed in the clubhouse.
11. An acceptable standard of dress is required at all times. “This is gauged as dress that is acceptable generally at Golf Clubs throughout New Zealand”.
12. Hats are not to be worn in the Clubhouse.
13. Appropriate golf attire requested, golf shirts, golf tradition length shorts or long slacks/pants.
14. A shirt must be worn at all times.
Please also refer notices displayed at Clubhouse.


15. Carts, trundlers and tripods are not allowed on tee blocks and greens including mown surround thereof.
16. Please keep Carts/golfer vehicles, trundlers and tripods well away from tee blocks and greens (includes mown surround).
17. Carts/golfer vehicles please use formed cart paths when practical. Avoid well-worn areas.
18. The club may restrict golfer vehicles it considers inappropriate for our course.
19. Drivers must drive in a manner that is reasonable and safe for the course and every person on it. Please avoid muddy/wet areas to reduce damage to the course.
20. Morrinsville Golf Club Carts
(i) Cart drivers must have current full driver license.
(ii) No more than 2 people and 2 sets of clubs per cart.
(iii) No riders on rear of cart.
(iv) When children are passengers in carts they must be safely supervised by the driver.
(v). Observe rules displayed in vehicle windscreen


21. From time to time seasonal and unfavourable course conditions may cause the club to temporarily ban use and access to parts of the course.
22. Players must observe all markers, ropes, signs etc. restricting course use. These are imposed to protect vulnerable areas of the course as well as for the safety of players.
23. Use of carts/golfer vehicles may be temporarily banned if course condition is considered unsuitable.
24. Occasionally “Frost” may cause play to be delayed. Please follow directions of Starter/Office staff.


25. The recommended time for a round of golf on our course is 4 hours. Players have an obligation to play at a reasonable pace. A slow player can ruin the day for players behind.
26. Keep up with group in front of you. If you are losing ground and players behind are waiting, please call them through. A group is 2 or more players.
27. When all players have putted out and completed each hole move promptly to next “tee block”. Enter scorecard when you arrive at next “tee block”. This avoids delays to following players
28. Players looking for a lost ball should allow the next group to pass them and not resume play until they are out of range.
29. A single player does not have right of way over a group.


The club values its Liquor License and requests that players/visitors act responsibly when consuming alcohol in the clubhouse.

30. No outside alcohol is allowed on the course. This is a breach of the club’s liquor license.
31. Players/visitors considered to be intoxicated may be required to cease play and immediately leave the course/clubhouse.


32. For their safety and consideration to other players children less than 10 years must be with and be supervised by a responsible player.


33. Club officials may require players/visitors responsible for obnoxious and offensive behavior, damaging the course, hitting into golfers playing ahead, refusing to let faster groups through or other unsafe golfing practices to immediately cease play and leave the course. Green fee players will forfeit fees paid.


The Match Committee have put together the above which has been approved by the Management Committee.  These are on display by the starters area and we would like everyone to view the rules and abide by them.

Please note in particular footwear and dress rules.  No jandals on course or hats in the Club House please.

Duncan Laird