2018 Shootout Results (accumulating each week until Rnd 34)

Rnd 24 2018 Placemakers Shootout Results (accumulative) 4 August 2018 (DNF’s do not show) – subject to verification – paid entries in the Shootout Notebook versus entries shown on Result Sheet

2018 Placemakers Shootout Rnd 24 Results


Saturday 21 July 2018

Our Patron Trophy winners are:

L Osborne (Senior) Wayne Smith

JS Thomas (Intermediate) Neville McMillan

G Yarrall (Junior) Ray Webb


Another big field of players for the Scramble too.

Best Gross – Phil Hunter – 72

Best Nett – Greg Dehnen – 63

Best Stb – Wayne Smith – 40

Other winners were: Paul Masterson, Michael Fiolitakis, Ken Vincent, Terry Pentecost, Ray Webb, Philip Lunn, Cam Fleming, Murray Fielding, and Michael Tissingh.

2’s winners were: Paul Masterson with  2x 2’s Both chip in’s (well done Paul), Philip Lunn, Michael Fiolitakis and Terry Pentecost.

30 June 2018

On a bitterly, miserable day, without sunshine, a good field still assembled for some handy golf. Congratulations to Aaron Goddard for taking out the Best Gross (70 Nett 60), and Kevin Parry for taking out the Best Nett.

John Sharland led the Stablefords home with Murray Fielding, Trevor Cooper, Phil Hunter, Grant Haynes, Gareth Symon and Ken Vincent completing the prizewinners.

A couple of past prizes were presented to Ken Vincent, with the Piako Cup, Grant Haynes and Kevin Parry as Runners Up in the Murphy Rosebowl.

This weekend starts the Patron’s Trophy’s first round, and we are looking for eight(8) in each division – 0 – 12 for the L. Osbourne Cup, 13 – 19 for the JS Thomas and 20 – 36 for the G Yarall trophy. First in first served with the draw to be confirmed dependent on numbers. You will still be able to enter the Scramble and Placemakers Shootout as long as you putt out. So, there is really no reason for you not to enter provided you can play the next three weeks! Entries, please, to Wayne (027 595 8036) or Gail (office – 889 6696). (Neville and Ken – you are in the Intermediates, thanks)

23 June 2018

A fine but cool morning, once again, brought a good winter field out for the Scramble and final round of some competitions.

Best Gross was taken out by Phil Lunn, Best Nett was taken out by John Masterson and Best Stableford by John Dawson. Congratulations to all three and the other Stableford winners – Ken Vincent, Mike O’Connor, Cam Fleming, Phil Clarke, Gareth Symon, Grant Haynes, Neil Goodger, Jayden Cleary and Stu Miles.

Two’s went to Murray Fryer and Mike O’Connor.

The Mueller Cup was won by Phil Lunn in the Seniors, the Piako Cup was won by Ken Vincent in the Intermediates and the Chas Williams was won by Phillip Clarke in the Juniors. Well done to these three gentlemen.

16 June 2018

The weather, again, turned up and so did a good field for the Scramble and Round 2 of our Mueller etc. competition.

Congratulations to Logan Madden, for Best Gross (71), and Murray Fielding with Best Nett (64). Scoring was a step up from last week also. Andrew Lingard took out Best Stableford (40), followed by other winners – Ken Vincent, Murray Fryer, John Sharland, Brent Fabish, Phil Lunn, Jakob Joubert, Wayne Smith, Kelly Smith, Dave Silvester and Paul Masterson. The moro bar went to Steve Lindsay.

Two’s, this week, went to Andrew Lingard and two 2’s  to Kelly Smith, well done!

Looking at the scoreboard, all three trophies are certainly up for grabs this coming week, good luck to all.

9 June 2018

The weather turned out for us on Saturday, and so too did the members. Not as many as the 150 odd who enjoyed our course on Friday, but with 40 odd entering the Mueller etc, was a pleasing number for winter.

Scoring was tough, with no roll and some interesting pin placements at the moment.

Congratulations to Brent Armstrong for taking out Best Gross and Phillip Clarke for taking out the Best Nett. Trevor Cooper took out Best Stableford from David Silvester, Craig Griffiths, Dave Fabling, Aaron Goddard, John Masterson, Andrew Lingard, Wayne Smith, Murray Fielding, and Murray Fryer, all collecting the lollies.

No twos this week!!

This weekend is week 2 of the 3, for your two best netts, so good luck to all.

2 June 2018

Well the long weekend was fine here on Saturday and good numbers turned out for the Scramble.

Noddy Lunn took out the Best Gross, Murray Fielding, the Best Nett and Mike O’Connor, the Best Stableford. Prizes also went to Wayne Smith, Murray Fryer, Paul Masterson, Mark Goodman and Des Addison.

The only two, for the day, went to Dave Silvester.

This weekend is week one of three, to play for the Mueller, Piako, Chas Williams & Massey Cups.

Details: MUELLER (0 – 12),  PIAKO (13 – 19),  CHAS WILLIAMS (20 – 36),  and MASSEY (school pupils): To be played over three rounds of medal play on days set down. Total 2 out of 3 cards Nett to count, in event of a tie a playoff will be arranged. Players will enter handicap group indicated by their first card.

12 May 2018

Murphy Rosebowl Results

In somewhat testing weather conditions some fine matches were played on Saturday. CONGRATULATIONS! to all the winners: Armstrong & Trench battled back to win the 18th and the 19th to go through, well done! Goddard & Dehnen had a good win and Haynes & Parry halved the 18th to see them through.

The final main draw winners were V Symon & Dawson outlasting their competitors on the 18th  also.

Plate winners included Fielding & Cresswell, Goodger & Griffin, McMillan & Masterson and Griffiths & Knaggs (who overcame the one man team of Gareth Symon on the 16th).

Draw for 19 May 2018

Draw for Semi Final of the Murphy Rosebowl Cup

8.30am  – M Fielding & F Cresswell  V  N Goodger & A Griffin

8.40am  – N McMillan & P Masterson  V  C Griffiths & R Knaggs

8.50am  – B Armstrong & R Trench  V  G Dehnen & A Goddard

9.00am  – G Haynes & K Parry  V  J Dawson & V Symon

Scramble off 10th tee please, from 8 – 9.30am.

We have the Taranaki Eagles visiting on Saturday, arriving around 10.30am, for a round of golf and use of our Clubrooms, also for aftermatch.

5 May 2018

There was no Scramble (insufficient numbers)

Murphy Rosebowl

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners from the weekends first round of the Murphy Rosebowl.

The successful teams were: Watts & Webb,  Armstrong & Trench,  Jones & O’Connor,  Dehnen & Goddard,  Haynes & Parry,  Fabling & Voschezang,  Anderton & Fleming,  and Symon & Dawson.

Two of the matches went to the 18th where the highest handicapped player, of the four, was the birdie scorer and winner. Well done to Greg Dehnen and Cam Fleming!  In the father/son competition, senior Vance Symon was the victor in the household with more bragging rights again.

And finally, in the battle of the buddies, Brent Armstrong & Richard Trench were successful over Wayne Smith & Steve Lindsay.

There is still several past winners live in this competition, so good luck to all this week.



8.30am                      Murray Fielding (14) & Frank Cresswell (25)

V  Wayne Smith (10) & Stephen Lindsay (29)

8.38am                      Daniel Smith (1) & Trevor Thomson (23)

V  Neil Goodger (17) & Alan Griffin (19)

8.46am                      Jason Adams (11) & Rodney Chandler (21)

V  Neville McMillan (15) & Paul Masterson (20)

8.54am                      Craig Griffiths (14) & Ray Knaggs (20)

V  Gareth Symon (16) & Mike Mc Clunie (19)


9.00am                      Rob Watts (25) & Ray Webb (22)

V  Brent Armstrong (7) & Richard Trench (24)

9.08am                      Keith Jones (13) & Mike O’ Connor (19)

V  Aaron Goddard 10) & Greg Dehnen (23)

9.16am                      Grant Haynes (12) & Kevin Parry (20)

V  Dave Fabling (13) & Anthony Voschezang (18)

9.24am                      Nathan Anderton (15) & Cam Fleming (22)

V  Vance Symon (18) & John Dawson (26)

Scramble to go off No 10 Tee please.

Good luck and good golfing!

28 April 2018

There was no Scramble.

21 April 2018

Saturday’s scramble saw a determined small field with the added incentive of the second and final round of the Men’s Strokeplay champs.

Phil Hunter took away the Gross with a well compiled 67 – Well done to Phil. Anthony Voschezang took the best Nett with 66, and Kevin Parry had the best Stableford with 37.

The Men’s Senior Strokeplay was taken out by Richard Eagles, the Intermediate Strokeplay was thrown open with the first week’s leader, Grant Haynes unavailable, and Anthony Voschezang prevailed by one shot, over two other golfers. The Junior Strokeplay went to Kevin Parry comfortably, even though he started stumbling towards the end of the days round. Well done and CONGRATULATIONS to them and all other entrants.

This Wednesday, being ANZAC Day, we hope to have an afternoon scramble if numbers warrant, with the tees open from 1pm – 2pm, for a 9 hole day. Saturday will be the day for the RSA Cup.

Sunday this week (April 29), is also Meatpack Sunday, and we have 16 out of town visitors booked already, so join in as the 9 holers or 18 please, if you can’t make Saturday.

Our Div 1 Pennants team had a good win, on Sunday, over Riverside – 6/3, and our Div 4 team, unfortunately, came second – 6.5/2.5. Thanks to all team members.

14 April 2018

The first round of this year’s Strokeplay was played in differing conditions which, unfortunately, also lowered the numbers somewhat.

Early leaders, in the Seniors is Richard Eagles (71),  in the Intermediates is Grant Haynes (83), and in the Juniors is Kevin Parry (97). The second and final round is this week. Good luck to all.

Wayne Laing was presented his Masters trophy on Saturday (see attached photo) and he appeared rather happy to be in the winner’s circle too.

The greens have recovered well and some favourable pin placements, on Saturday, saw seven twos. Well done to Nathan Anderton, Brent Armstrong, Shamsul Ahmad, Neil Goodger, Craig Griffiths, Grant Haynes, and Richard Eagles for their twos.

Now the greens are back to scratch, please remember to repair your pitch marks and divots also, now the weather is starting to soften the course.

7 April 2018

Good numbers turned up in the weekend for the Tony Tritt Memorial, which was played on some lush greens.

Phil Hunter topped the Gross prize with a well compiled 70, and Mike Fiolitakis topped the Nett with 68. Nathan Anderton topped the Stableford with 37, followed by prizes to Keith Jones, Neil Hindman, Stu Miles, Dave Fabling, Jakob Joubert and Kelly Smith.

Several twos were recorded to Craig Griffiths, John Sharland, Neville McMillan, Ken Vincent, Cole Townsend and Phil Hunter (1 & 12).

Wayne Laing was victorious in regards to the Tony Tritt Memorial with a Nett 67. CONGRATULATIONS to Wayne.

31 March 2018

An elite field, including Life Members, started on Saturday of Easter, Richard Eagles took out the Best Gross with 74. Mike O’Connor took out the Best Nett with 65, and Craig Griffiths led the Stableford  with 38 from Bob Lunn with 36.

Bob shot under his age, off the stick, on both Friday and Saturday, great to see him on the course with family again.

The three winners, also coincidentally, scored a 2 each as well.

24 March 2018

Gross: Danial Smith 67

Net: Mike Fiolitakis 64

Stableford: Trevor Thomson 41; Neil Goodger 41; Andrew Lingard 40; Mike O’Connor 38; David Cleary 38, Brent Fabish 37

Two’s: Trevor Thomson 8th; Mike McClunie 4th

17 March 2018

Gross: Logan Madden 74

Net: Grant Haynes 62

Stableford: Greg Dehnen 42; Mike O’Connor 40; Stu Miles 39; Murray Fielding 38; Don Fowler 36; Wayne Laing 36; Kelly smith 35

Two’s: Wayne Smith 12th

10 March 2018

Well the big weekends been and gone,well done to the greens team and the many volunteers who put the hard yards in every week,but last week even moreso!

Compliments have flowed regularly over the weekend and prior on our course presentation.

Morrinsville Decors big day on Saturday saw close on 90 entrants with a good number of visitors from Walton and Matamata in particular,including several of their Pennants team members.

Best gross for the day went to our rapidly improving Logan Madden with a 68.Well done Logan,who also took out two of the long drive hole prizes.

Division 2 gross went to Don Sharp from Walton,warming up for Sunday with a healthy 76.Division 3s best was Nathan Anderton with a well compiled 80.

Best in the ladies was Chelsea Sharp with a nice 77, as well as taking home two of the long drive holes.

Best nets in the three mens divisions went to P. Hunter 67,W Smith 67 and F Creswell with 62.

The best in the ladies was J Passi with 66.

Best stablefords on the day went to B Slaven 35,D Cleary 37 and R Eriksen with 43.

The best in the ladies was our very own Club Patron,Pam Malcolm with 40 points.

Well Done Pam!.

With four long drive holes,sponsored also by Morrinsville New World,Morrinsville Super Liquor,Harcourts K.D.R.E. and Pro Drive golf.,there are too many prizewinners to mention but some great photos were taken on the day.

Unfortunately on Sunday both Mens pennants teams went down.

On a great note,Alex Lunn has won the South Island long drive champs in the weekend and will play off against the North Island winner to see who will represent New Zealand in Oklahoma U.S.A. later this year.

Congrats to Alex and Good Luck!
Thanks again to the main sponsor Morrinsville Decor for a great day,and for those of you who don`t know,this is Colourplus`s new name.

3 March 2018

Hole in One – congratulations to Phil Hunter on the 1st – his first ace.

Gross: Phil Hunter 70

Net: John Sharland 61

Stableford: Neil Goodger 41

followed by Rodney Chandler 39, Allan Cantley 38, Richard Eagles 37, Logan Madden 37 and Don Fowler 37

Two’s: Richard Eagles 1st.

24 February

Gross: Phil Hunter 73

Net: Neil Hindman 63

Stableford: John Sharland 42

followed by David Cleary 41, Stu Miles 40, Trevor Thomson 39, Wayne Laing 39 and Bruce Sexton 39.

Two’s: Allan Cantley 12th & Phil Hunter 16th