2017 Link Shootout Final Result – Congratulations to Vance Symon.

Our thanks to Rick Johnson, Business Broker from Link Business Waikato for his sponsorship of this event. This is an event keenly contested each year and we look forward to having Rick on board next year as the event’s sponsor.

Rick’s contact details are or 021 991485.

2017 Link Shootout Closing Rnd 33, 30 Sept 2017

2017 Link Shootout Rnd 33 – Closing Rnd

























Saturday Starting Roster   (2nd  September to 29th October 2017)

Saturday 2nd September      Mike O’Connor
Saturday 9th September      Gareth Symon
Saturday 16th September      Vance Symon
Saturday 23rd September      Stu Miles
 Saturday 30th September      Neil Hindman
 Sunday 1st October      MENS SHOOTOUT
Saturday  7th October      Club Champs Finals
 Sunday  8th October   HEATHCOTES TOURNAMENT
Saturday  14th October      Neil Goodger
Saturday  21st October     John Purcell
Saturday  28th October     Frank Cresswell


Mens Champs Draw for Saturday September 30 2017


1st Tee        Championship SEMI  FINALS                                                                                                      

Junior B  8.37 –  Richard Trench v Harold Sherson

Junior      8.51 – Vance Symon v John Sharland            
                            Mike O’ Connor v Wayne Laing

Int            9.07 – Brent Armstrong v Daniel Eagles
Wayne Smith v Logan Madden

Senior  9.21 –     Cole Townsend v Brent Fabish

10th Tee  Plate SEMI FINALS

Junior B 9.07 – Phillip Clarke v Frank Cresswell

Junior    9.14 – John Dawson v Neil Hindman
Greg Dehnen v Ray Webb

Int     9.21 – Murray Fielding v Stu Miles
Dave Fabling v Craig Griffiths

Senior  9.28 – Daniel Smith v Jason Adams
Richard Eagles v Phil Hunter



Links Shootout  – Links Shootout Final on Sunday Oct 01, 2017, please confirm starting.

 Twilight Registration is this Wednesday September 27, get your teams together and come and play free this week. Bar will be open but no caterer this week – up to 9 holes light permitting.
  Official rounds start next Wednesday 2nd October

 Mark your calendar:- October 08 2017 is our Heathcote/House of Travel Tournament (spread the word)

 October 29 2017 – Combined Meatpack/Interclub with Riverside.

Saturday 16th September  –  ( very challenging squally weather, low scramble numbers as first round of club champs)

Best Gross:  Phil Hunter – 69
Best Nett:     John Purcell  67
Best Stb:      Mike McClunie  –  38
1st Stb R/U: Mike O’Connor  37

Twos:  Phil Hunter;  John Purcell

 Saturday 19th August  –  (good weather again brought out increasing good number of players)

Best Gross:  Phil Hunter – 69
Best Nett:  Mike O’Connor – 60
Best Stb:  Mike McClunie – 43
1st Stb R/U:  Dave Silvester – 42
2nd Stb R/U:  Damon McKinnon  – 41
3rd Stb R/U:  Shamsul Ahmad – 40
4th Stb R/U:  Stu Miles – 40
5th Stb R/U:  Mike Tissingh – 39
6th Stb R/U:  Phillip Clarke – 38

Twos:     Terry Pentecost

Mr & Mrs Cup 2017 (played on Sunday) was won by Axel & Bev Hansen  (see photo on Home Page)

Saturday 19th August  –  (good weather brought out good number of players)

Congratulations to the winners of the Strokeplay Championship.  (gross over 2 rounds)
Div 1:  Seifert Cup – Damon McKinnon  –  155
Div 2:  Jimmy Mitchell Cup – Keith Jones –  161
Div 3:  Piako Cup –  Wayne Laing  173

Scramble Results

Best Gross:  Brent Fabish – 73
Best Nett:  Neville Hodges – 65
Best Stb:  Dave Silvester – 39

1st Stb R/U:  Damon McKinnon – 38
2nd Stb R/U:  Phillip Clarke – 38
3rd Stb R/U:  Stu Miles – 38
4th Stb R/U:  Grant Haynes – 38
5th Stb R/U:  Wayne Laing – 36

Twos:     Damon McKinnon,    Mike O’Connor

Saturday  12th August  – Scramble Results  (weather bit breezy & odd shower. greens slick. Keith Jones excellent round, under age again !)

Best Gross:  Damon McKinnon – 78
Best Nett:  Nathan Anderton – 66
Best Stb:  Mike McClunie – 38
1st Stb R/U:  Dave Fabling – 38
2nd Stb R/U:  Grant Haynes – 35
3rd Stb R/U:  Brent Armstrong – 35
4th Stb R/U:  Shamsul Ahmad – 34
5th Stb R/U:  Neil Hindman – 33

Stroke play Rd 1 results:    (Leaders. Second & final round next Saturday 19th August)
Div 1 (0.0 to 10.9)   –  Damon McKinnon  78
Div 2 (11.0 to 19.9) –  Keith Jones   76
Div 3 (20.0 to 36.0) –  Mike McClune  93

Saturday  5th August   –   Scramble Results (again weather was fine  –  but dew / turning to frost. Good /average turnout.)

Best Gross:  Phil Hunter – 73
Best Nett:  John Sharland – 66
Best Stb:  Shamsul Ahmad – 38
1st Stb R/U:  Mike McLunie – 37
2nd Stb R/U  equal:  Trevor Thomson 36 & Karen Semmens 36
3rd Stb R/U:  Phil Clarke – 35
4th Stb R/U:  Gareth Symon – 33
5th Stb R/U:  Mike O’ Connor – 32

Putting Cup was won by Phil Hunter   –  29 Puts

Saturday 29th July   –   Scramble Results (again weather was fine  –  but frosty. A very good turnout.)

Best Gross: Brent Fabish – 79
Best Nett: Andrew Lingard – 68
Best Stb: John Sharland – 36
1st Stb R/U: Stu Miles – 35
2nd Stb R/U: Mike O’Connor – 35
3rd Stb R/U: Phillip Clarke – 35
4th Stb R/U: Grant Haynes – 33
5th Stb R/U: Michael Webb – 33

Saturday 15th July   –   Scramble Results (finally the weather was fine !!)

Gross: Phil Hunter – 73

Nett: Bill Churstain – 65

Best Stb: Neil Goodger – 36

1st Stb R/Up: Karen Semmens – 34

2nd Stb R/Up: John Sharland – 33

3rd Stb R/Up: Murray Fielding – 33

Saturday 17th June   –   Scramble Results  (played in real pea soup – Fieldays fog lasting all day!)

Gross: Phil Hunter – 72

Nett:   Grant Haynes – 68

Stb:      Mike O’Connor – 35

1st R/U Stb: Brent Armstrong  – 34

Twos:  Grant Lawrence  1st

Moro Bar:  Grant Lawrence

Also played was a ‘supeball’ team stableford competition.   Two teams

tied scoring 76 points on the bonus system.  Were rewarded with bar tabs.


Saturday 10th June    – What an exciting final of the Murphy Rosebowl.

CONGRATULATIONS to our weekend winners of the Murphy Rosebowl.

In what was a well fought and close match the Nathan Anderton/Neil Hindman pairing won the 18th hole, to even the score with the Brent Armstrong/Mike O’ Connor pairing, with the crowd on the terraces enjoying the battle. The players then moved on to the 1st and then the 2nd, then the 3rd before a result was achieved on the fourth extra hole. Congratulations then to Nathan Anderton/Neil Hindman on a successful comeback victory.

Nothing like a walk back from the furthest point of the course to work up a well-earned thirst for all participants. Commiserations to Brent Armstrong and Mike O’ Connor, who put up a mighty fight.

The Plate final was won, once again, by the Dave Fabling/Neil Goodger perennial loser/winners. Commiserations to Zane Cleary and Frank Cresswell.

Prize giving was postponed due to a number of factors and we look forward to an official celebration when Mrs Joy Murphy is back from overseas in the coming weeks, and we hope for a good crowd, that day, to celebrate.

Saturday 10th June  Scramble results:

Best Gross: Phil Hunter – 74

Best Nett:   Grant Haynes – 69

Best Stb:      Murray Fielding – 36

1st R/U Stb: Stu Miles – 35

2nd R/U Stb: Wayne Smith – 35

3rd R/U Stb: David Silvester – 34

4th R/U Stb: John Purcell – 34

5th R/U Stb: Kelly Smith – 33

Saturday 20th May 2017
(again early wet weather curtailed the scramble, only Murphy Rosebowl entrants ventured out and enjoyed what turned out to be good weather and a well groomed course.)
‘Horses’ to advance through to the finals were:
Championship – Nathan Anderton & Neil Hindman;  Brent Armstrong & Mike O’Connor
Plate –              Dave Fabling  & Neil Goodyer;  Zane Cleary  &  Frank Cresswell                        

 NOTE:   Final of the Murphy Rosebowl will be held Saturday 10th June

Saturday 20th May 2017
(weather curtailed the scramble, only Murphy Rosebowl entrants braved the elements)
‘Horses’ to advance through to the semi-finals were:
Championship – Murray Fielding & Alan Cantley; Nathan Anderton & Neil Hindman; Brent Armstrong & Mike O’Connor; Daniel Smith & Rob Watts
Plate –             Dave Fabling  & Neil Goodyer; Craig Griffiths  & Stu Miles; Cole Townsend  & Richard Trench; Zane Cleary  &  Frank Cresswell

Saturday 13th May 2017
(rain was threatening so number of starters were down)
Gross – B Taylor – 71
Nett   –  D Fabling – 66
Stableford – R Eagles – 38
1st Stb Runner-up – W Smith – 35
2nd Stb Runner-up – M McClunie – 35
3rd Stb Runner-up – Craig Griffiths – 35
4th Stb Runner-up – Keith Jones – 34
5th Stb Runner-up – Nathan Anderton – 33
Twos: Richard Eagles,  Keith Jones, David Fabling
Whacker:  (most golf)  Gary Watson

Saturday  5th May
(Another glorious day, a good field of starters and course in top condition. Plus the greens fielded twelve twos !  (broke the golf balls bank !!)
Gross Winner: Phillip Hunter – 68
Nett Winner: Wayne Smith – 65
Stableford Winner: Cole Townsend – 37
1st Stb Runner up: Brent Armstrong – 37
2nd Stb Runner up: Frank Cresswell – 36
3rd Stb Runner up: Grant Haynes – 36
4th Stb Runner up: Murray Fielding – 35
5th Stb Runner up: John Sharland – 35
6th Stb Runner up: Keith Jones – 35
7th Stb Runner up: Craig Griffiths – 34  (by lot)
Twos:  Peter Kelly (2),  David Cleary (2), Philip Hunter (2)
David Sylvester,  David Fabling, Craig Griffiths, Zane Cleary, Cole Townsend and Frank Cresswell all had  one two,
Whacker:  (most golf)  John Dawson

Saturday  29th April
(threatened / actual rain dessimated the number of starters. The course was in great condition  –  well done to our green keeper Perry!)

Gross Winner:  Richard Eagles 81
Nett Winner:  Andrew Lindgard  69
Stableford Winner:  Wayne Laing  36
Stb. Runners-up:  Mike O’Connor  34,   John Sharland  32,  Murray Feilding  32
Twos:  Neil Hindman
Whacker:  (most golf)  Frank Cresswell

Tuesday 25th April  –  ANZAC DAY
Good turnout on a beautiful fine afternoon

Winner of the Dave Howie Memorial Cup for men (best nett):  Axel Hansen
Scramble:  (nett)
Winner:  Daniel Smith* 63
Runners-up  John Purcell 64;  Nathan Anderton 66;  Wayne Smith 66;  Brent Armstrong 67;  Phil Lunn  67
* Daniel Smith on his 0.5 handicap shot 64  –  an excellent effort!

Sunday 23rd Championship Pennants Teams played at Tokoroa (div 1)  and Te Kowhai (div 5)
Division 1 lost to Hamilton 7.5  /  1.5  
(matches were very tight, with all the singles matches going to the 18th  !!)
Division 5 beat Taumarunui 5 / 4

Saturday  22nd April
Gross Winner:  Mathew Feilding
Nett Winner:  Trevor Thompson
Stableford Winner:  Terry Prentecost
Runners-up:  Zane Cleary,  Neil Goodyer,  Brent Fabish,  Stu Miles,  Keith Jones
Twos:  Trevor Thompson,  Zane Cleary,  Stu Miles,  Mathew Feilding.
Whacker:  (most golf)  John Sharland

‘Mystery Player’ was Daniel Smith, so all 8 players who had better than 33 stableford points received a prize  (bar voucher or golf ball)

Sunday 9th April our Championship Pennants Teams had good wins
Division 1 at Matamata beat Cambridge 5/4
Division 5 at Taumarunui beat Matamata 7.5  /  1.5

Saturday 8th April   –    US Masters 2017  /   TONY TRITT MEMORIAL TROPHY
Winner Richard Eagles: – 64 nett
Runners up:  Anthony Vos 66;  Nathan Anderton 67; Cole Townsend 67; Philip Hunter 68;  Grant Lawrence 70;
Brent Armstrong 71; Mike Fiolitakis 71; Daniel Smith 72; Bruce Sexton 72; Craig Griffiths 73.
Twos:  Richard Eagles, Neil Goodyer.

Saturday 1st April 2017    (competition was limited to stableford only because of the drainage work in front of 10th green)
Stableford winner: –  Stu Miles 43;
Runners-up: Richard Trench 39; John Dawson 38; Wayne Laing 35;
Mike Fiolitakis 35; Dave Cleary 35: Mike O’Connor 34: Grant Lawrence 34

Saturday 26th we hosted championship pennants divisions 1 and 5.    
                      Our div. 1 team lost 5 & 4;  our div 5 team lost 6.5 / 2.5 

Saturday  25th March 2017
Gross Winner – Daniel Smith  67
Nett Winner – Vance Symon  58
Stableford Winner – John Dawson  41
Stableford runner-ups  –  Chris Bourke 40, Richard Eagles 40, Murray Feilding 39,
Dennis Trotter 39, Mike O’Connor 39, Brent Fabish 38, Cole Townsend 38.
Two’s  –  Neil Goodyer, Brent Fabish, Keith Jones, Cole Townsend, Daniel Eagles.
Whacker  –  Kelly Smith.

Sunday  19th March 2017
MGC Tollich Trophy team played Kawhia @ Putaruru, lost 7.5  to 4.5.   

Saturday 18th March 2017
Gross Winner – Brent Fabish  73
Net Winner – Grant Haynes 64
Stableford Winner –  Frank Cresswell   40
Stb  runner-ups –   Andrew Lingard;  Craig Griffiths  39; Trevor Thomson  39; Richard Eagles  39;
Neil Goodyer  38; Damon McKinnon 37;  Neale Towers  37;  David Sylvester  37;
Mike Fiolitakis  36.

Two’s –  Bret Fabish; Damon McKinnon; Andrew Lindgard; Keith Jones; Richard Eagles; John Dawson; Mike Fiolitakis; Neale Towers.
Whacker – Peter Kelly Mystery golfer – Mike McClunie    (So all players better than Mike’s 29 stableford points received a bar voucher.)

Saturday 11th March 2017   Cancelled due to rain 

Sunday 12th  March 2017     Championship Pennants Div. 1  Rd. 3    Morrinsville  vs  Ngaruawahia   @ Cambridge    Cancelled due to rain 
                                           Championship Pennants Div. 5  Rd. 1   Morrinsville  vs  TE Kowhai    @   Horsham Downs      Cancelled due to rain

Sunday 5th March  2017       The MGC Tolich Trophy team had a close win over Paeroa  6.5  to 5.5, so now advance to quarter final to be held at Putaruru Sunday 19th March.

Saturday 4th March 2017
Gross Winner – Phil Hunter 72
Net Winner – Keith Jones  63
Stableford Winner –  Richard Eagles 41
Stb  runner-ups –   Vance Symon 39;  Grant Haynes 39;  Phil Lunn  38;  Zane Cleary  37;  Peter Kelly  37;  Wayne Laing  37.
Two’s – Keith Jones 1st;  Vance Symon  8th;  Don Fowler  12th;  Phil Lunn  13th;  Dave Sylvestor  16th.
Whacker – Andrew Lingar

Sunday 26th February 2017        Championship Pennants Div. 1   Rd. 2   Riverside 7.5   vs  Morrinsville  1.5

Saturday 25 February 2017     (It was a great day for the Clearys  –  especially Zane!)
Gross Winner – Zane Cleary 68
Net Winner – Gareth Symon  65
Stableford Winner –  Vance Symon  39
Stb  runner-ups –   Neil Hindman 39; Richard Eagles  39;  Greg Dehnen  39; Dave Cleary  39;  Wayne Laing  39;
Nearest Pin Par 3s  –  Neil Hindman 1st; Richard Eagles 4th; Cole Townsend 8th; Zane Cleary 12th; Brent Fabish 13th;
Mike Fiolitakis 16th
Hidden Holes –  1st Zane Cleary   2nd David Cleary  3rd Mike O’Connor Two’s – Zane Cleary  1st
Whacker – Chris Burke

Saturday 18 February 2017
Gross Winner – Phillip Lunn 74
Net Winner – Neville McMillan 72
Stableford – Neil Goodger 40; Trevor Thomson 39; David Cleary 36; Frank Cresswell 35; Gareth Symon 35; Keith Jones 35
Two’s – Dave Fabling 4th; Trevor Thomson 16th Whacker – John Dawson 26

Sunday 26th February 2017      
Championship Pennants Div. 1   Rd. 1    Morrinsville  6.5  vs  Matamata 2.5