Members Zone

Officers for the 2022 Season

Patron: Pam Malcolm
President: John Stirling
Vice President: Duncan Laird
Management Committee: John Stirling, Duncan Laird, Leanne McGregor, Mark Goodman, Jennie Brown, Lindsay Keat
Men’s Club Captain:
Men’s Vice Club Captain: Kevin Parry
Office Administrators: Millie Ward and Gail Rose

Green Keeper: Steve Grinter
Course Superintendent: Bruce Johns


Vets Convenor: Neil Hindman; Assistant Convenor: Rob Barlow
Junior Convenor:
Women’s President: Gaye Johns
Women’s Club Captain: Leanne McGregor
Secretary: Pam Laird
Treasurers: Sheryll Gordon
Committee: Heather Robinson, Annelies Hansen, Anne Dewdney, Pam Malcolm, Jennie Brown.